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Quality Restaurant, recognized by the Collège Culinaire de France.

For your sensual pleasure, our card and our menus are changed with the seasons and some of our Chef specialities are held throughout the year.


Fine Dining

A text from " La Creuse d'Autrefois" (the Creuse formerly)by  Robert Guinot (Horvath Editions): "The Creuse has its big tables, great restaurants at first row which is the Hotel de France in Aubusson,  this accommodation at the beautiful facade of granite. the decor is neat, cozy. "

In his guestbook ... the big meals are logged: "The tapestry patterns from time to time offer banquets for their employees, but more often, it is the buyers of the" Bon Marché ", the" Louvre ", or notaries who come to enjoy it. This May 4, 1892, 30 notaries honor a hearty dinner served at 10 F cover. The September 22, 1892, the Republican patriotic banquet brings together covered about 3 236 F one. And then, it is mainly the incredible wedding breakfast about 10 F cover. Some marriages are particularly significant as that of Miss and Mr. Danton Jorrand 11, 12 and 13 November 1894. It is the union of two families upholsterers.

The feast together 294 guests at the four meals. There were 50 people at dinner, lunch 86, 90 and 69 in the second dinner-buffet lunch. At the dinner on 11 November, Mr. Dubreuil proposed consummate the brunoise, hot pies, turbot sauce capers, a sirloin with duchess potatoes, poultry supreme, a Bohemian hare terrine of Rouen ducklings, funds of frozen artichokes, a charlotte Russian, Nézard hillside, desserts and all washed down with fine wines. "

Today at the France, RJ HAWAI, Executive Chef active member of the"Toques Blanches International Club", Etienne Condaminat, party chef, Gabriel Gout, Apprentice Kitchen and our Somelière Valerie Audouze with her restaurant team, propose different menus or a la carte :


Menu Détours de France 

3 services : 24 €  ( 1 starter, 1 main dish, 1 desert)



  Home made chestnut terrine 


 Pot au Feu style soup



  Main dishes

 Shin of beef, breen beans, served with a Gratin Dauphinois 


Lamb chops stew served with green beans/steamed potatoe




 Fromage Blanc (greek style yoghurt) with sweet lentil and lemon confit


Coffee Creme brulee



Menu Saveurs

3 services : 29 €  ( 1 starter, 1 main dish, 1 desert )

4 services 33 €  ( 1 starter, 1 main dish, 1 cheese plate, 1 desert )



 Salmon Gravlax marinated with an orange and lemon vinaigrette


 Perfect egg capuccino style with mushroom and hazelnut



  Main dishes

 FIllet of fish of the day, creamy lime and green herbs sauce, served with a quinoa risotto


 Guinea fowl supreme "Label Rouge" with a cooked apple ald style mustard cream sauce with dried raisin




 Apple tiramisu


Homemade iced apricot and nougat




Enjoy yourself by composing your own menu, choose your sarter, your main dish and your desert on the list below...

Chefs Menu : 3 services 39 €  ( 1 starter, 1 main dish, 1 desert or a cheese plate)

4 services 43 €  ( 1 starter, 1 main dish, cheese plate, 1 desert )




 Chef's terrine of porc

Pot au feu style soup

Perfect egg capuccino

Parmesan cheese crumble, smoked duck fillet and mozzarella

Salmon gravlax

Lobster ravioli

Homemade duck foie gras





Shin of beef served with gratin dauphinois

Lamb chops stew

"Fondu creusois" (local speciality of cheeses served with ham, green salad and french fries

Beefsteak served with vegetable

Duck breast with sauce

Guinea fowl sweet sauce

Fillet of fich of the day

Fillet of local beef with mushroom fricassee (Chef's speciality)

   Sauteed scallops creamy sauce



Deserts and cheeses


Cheese plate—choice of cheeses served with bread

Cream cheese faisselle with green herbs

Ice cream and Sorbets

Hazelnut gateau

Sweet greek style yogurt

Apple tiramisu

Homemade iced apricot nougat

Pistaccio chocolate pastry mousse

Baba au Rhum Chef's way

Flowing chocolate cake



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